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Data Recovery Services

If your hard drive has crashed, or you are having difficulties accessing data on a hard drive or from disk media, Hard Drive Recovery Group can help. We specialize in providing professional and safe hard drive data recovery service options and RAID recovery at flat rate pricing, with no hidden fees, so you understand the costs before we begin the process.

HDD (or hard disk drive) recovery is probably the last computer-related assistance you ever wanted to receive. If you are searching online for tips on HDD recovery, it means that you are suffering from data loss. Moderate or severe, data loss is stressful, time-consuming and can cost you or your business money in lost revenue. While we understand the anxiety that comes with data loss, don't panic. The best thing that you can do when your hard drive crashes or starts making strange noises is to contact a professional at Hard Drive Recovery Group.

What is HDD Recovery?

The Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is the part of the computer that provides the data storage for the computer. Today's hard disk drives can store many gigabytes worth of information, and this information can be retrieved quickly because of the high speeds at which the hard disk drive rotates-often between 5,000 and 10,000 rpm. The spinning platters are magnetically coated to store information that you save to your computer. Your computer's motherboard (or tower) is where the hard disk drive is stored. While the hard disk drive (usually referred to as hard drive) is not actually the same as the hard disk, they usually referred to as one unit.

HD recovery involves saving or restoring "lost" or reformatted information. Once you delete a file on your computer, the file is not immediately gone-first, it is sent to the Recycle Bin usually located on your computer's desktop. If you want, you can restore the items in your Recycle Bin, or you can delete them. Once deleted, the items still do not disappear entirely. Instead, they are made invisible to the average computer user. Our technicians, however, can often recover lost and deleted data through our HDD recovery services.

HDD (hard disk drive) recovery software

Because hard disk drives can break down through use or other, accidental errors, HDD recovery software has been developed to help restore lost data. If you know that your data loss isn't severe or complex or due to a faulty hard drive, then your best solution is probably HDD recovery software. It is less expensive than having a data recovery service technician disassemble your entire hard drive, and it is a less complicated procedure. If you have accidentally deleted a file, HDD recovery software should be sufficient in restoring the lost data.

In cases where the hard drive malfunctions, due to a physical defect or problem, HDD recovery software will most likely not be able to restore your data, and you will have to send your hard drive to a qualified technician for clean room repair. Faulty hard drives sometimes emits strange noises, and any time you hear unusual noises coming from your computer's hard drive, you should immediately stop using your computer, turn it off, and contact a qualified professional for advice on how to proceed. While our trained technicians have been able to recover data from damaged hard drives that seemed unrepairable, there are cases of severe hard drive damage that makes HDD recovery impossible.