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When you dispose an old computer, or throw away a used or defective storage media such as a hard disk or a floppy disk, are you sure that nothing sensitive was left in that computer or storage media? Are you sure that disposal or re-use of such storage media will not cause data privacy problems? Some people may think that the "delete" or "format" command of Windows or other operating systems is sufficient to erase the data, but the reality is not. Data Sanitization, Degaussing and Physical Destruction are the most secure ways for erasing data in storage device. Find your disposal items and get the suitable method we recommended.

Suitable devices for Degaussing

All magnetic media are suitable to erase data by Degaussing. Degausser generate strong magnetic field for destroying magnetic storage and leaves the magnetic domains in random patterns with no preference to orientation, thereby rendering previous data unrecoverable.

Any storage devices are usually shredded into tiny pieces by mechanical shredding, drilling and hammering etc, Effective, Secure and Safe method for all storage media.

Our Services

For the idle IT assets, Frontier Computer Company are professional for Whole Unit HDD data Degaussing, Physical Destruction and Asset Recycling & Disposal. For some service, Frontier Computer can provide both onsite and offsite service for different situations of customers.

Erase Certificate and Report

Reporting & Auditing
Frontier Computer Company support customers from reverse logistics to sensitive data destruction and recycling, with traceability and transparency.

Certificate of Data Destruction
A Certificate of Data Destruction is provided for every lot processed by Frontier Computer Company Each certificate includes a lot number unique to each load, a guarantee that all equipment is processed according to all local, and federal environmental and security guidelines, and a signed endorsement.

Asset Receiving Report
For asset disposal and recycling service, Frontier computer Company can provide a detailed list of equipment sent with each lot, including:

  • Collection Date
  • Container/ Truck No.
  • Warehouse Location
  • Device Description
  • Photos

Further details can be recorded, such as Model number, Serial number, Asset tag (ID) number. This service should be requested prior to receipt of the lot.